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realization time

The realization time in the workshop Beztroska is accordingly:
– 48 hours until dispatch in case of ready-made universal inserts,
– 5-7 days until dispatch for the remaining finished products from our shop,
-7-14 days until dispatch for custom-made products*.
* the time of realization is from the moment the payment is credited to the company’s account.
In exceptional cases we can speed up the realization of the order, please contact us in advance at zamowienia@beztroska.com, or by phone at 730 699 199 from 10.00-17.00 Monday to Friday and 10.00-15.00 on Saturdays.
Note: not applicable to the season from October to December 🙂

Our workshop Beztroska is located in Bielsko-Biala, at 313 Cieszynska Street. We sew customized products on request.

Parents who are with us for the first time – we inform that the name is not sewn or embroidered anywhere. For each order we write out a name card by the tag. After paying for the shipment and providing all necessary information, the order is accepted for processing.
The time of realization of orders in Beztroska studio is currently up to 14 working days.


How much are the shipping costs?


DHL courier delivery in Poland is 16 PLN, Inpost parcel machine 12.50 PLN, InPost courier 13.50 PLN and orders over 350 PLN are sent by InPost courier free of charge. The cost of foreign shipments is determined by the price list and by weight: small 25 PLN, medium 35 PLN, large 45 PLN, xl 65 PLN within the EU.


Do you really sew all the products yourself or do you buy finished semi-finished products somewhere? Where do your fabrics come from?


All products are sewn by us, both pillows, sleeping bags and bags. We do not order semi-finished products – everything is sewn directly from us. Sleeping bag top fabrics, locks, accessories, labels, fillings come from a Polish manufacturer, patterned fabrics are usually ordered in Denmark or the Czech Republic because we are satisfied with their design, quality and the appropriate certificates held by manufacturers. Fabrics/plastics for Dynactiv bags are ordered directly in Spain, because we believe that their quality is the best in relation to other manufacturers.

We do not buy ANY products outside the EU. We do not buy from China. 🙂


Can you pay cash on delivery? Forms of payment.


We do not start processing the order until the payment has been received, so it is not possible to send personalized products on delivery, but you can pay conveniently via Tpay or by payment/credit card on our website. For clinics that prefer to make the transfer themselves, we send the bank account number together with the order by e-mail. You should then choose the payment method “bank transfer”.


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